What We Do


B2B Lead Generation

We provide top tier calendar appointments with key prospects, acting as a seamless extension of sales teams. We work remotely using a combination of AI and experienced sales people, to source decision makers, engage and qualify them, to ensure every appointment set is of the highest quality in this marketplace.

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How We Do It

Part of our ethos is to keep things simple yet effective, and whatever your business does, we can connect you with the right people in the B2B space.  We have a clearly defined 3 step linear process, acting as an affordable and remote extension of your existing operation. 

Step 1 - Data Collection

Build fully GDPR compliant data sets based on decision makers fitting  your ideal customer profile, through our extensive access to public databases combined with strategic use of inbound marketing.

Step 2 - Engage/Qualify 

Engage prospects as a member of your team, with intelligent messaging screened by AI software to ensure high response rates, and if prospects express interest, we qualify them for suitability to have a further conversation. 

Step 3 - Appointment Setup

Setup high quality appointments for your sales team, only if the prospects have an interest in taking things further with your product or service. 

* Weekly reporting is provided giving you a  summary of campaign activity for full transparency. 

Our Packages


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