Creative promotions are a perfect way to create a buzz around a product or service, and face to face promotions are the only option if you want to get in front of prospects for a real customer experience.  

It can be tricky to come up with a creative concept that’s going to really standout.  It’s also well known that face to face exercises can be costly and there’s a specific skillset needed to be effective in a client facing role, and it’s hard to find effective staff.

If your company needs any kind of promotional service, we make it our business to know the trends, patterns and latest mediums, with clients results at the forefront of our drive.  We will create the concept of your promotion and fully project manage it in a transparent and cost-effective way.


  • Staff trained to the highest standard of promotional capabilities
  • Very quick start-up time
  • Seamlessly adapted to your specifications
  • Full Project Management
  • Expert Promotional Knowledge


  • No payroll
  • No HR needed
  • Brand Building
  • Reveals Key Prospects
  • Strengthens Relationships

First, we establish the objective of your campaign, and work with your allocated budget.  Based on that we manage the whole operation and provide you with the full outlay of what is needed in terms of materials and staff.

The time taken to recruit and train the appropriate staff will be dependable based on the complexity of the promotion. The associates will be directly recruited, managed and coached by Mark Davies CEO of the company. A full progress report will be provided on completion of the promotion based on your KPIs.

This could be something as simple as delivering flyers or leaflets through letter boxes, or a more complex sale that will involve promoting a product or service to the homeowners.  Whatever the object is the staff will represent you in the highest professional standard.

Whether you require logo reinforcement outside Universities, TAFE’s, clubs or retail outlets, coverage of selected streets or blanket coverage in high pedestrian traffic locations, you can be sure we will execute your Street Stencil campaign strategically with digital photos of each location supplied on completion.

Stencils can be a simple logo or URL through to large complex colour branding campaigns. As stencils are easily designed, and output lead-times are 3-4 days, this medium is perfect for last minute branding campaigns.

Supermarkets, festivals and tradeshows are excellent platforms to promote your business. But obviously it’s difficult to be everywhere at once, particularly if you are a small operation. We can represent your company with professionals at any location and provide you with all the promotion material needed in one package.

Each promotional service is tailored so there is no fixed cost. We first establish your budget, then we research what’s needed for the campaign in terms of materials and staff, then we provide a quote.


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