B2B Telephone Lead Generation Solution

 It is vital to optimise the number of meaningful conversations that your sales team has with key decision makers to advance your pipeline and increase sales turnaround. 

The process of sourcing leads and getting to speak to the right person has always been an obstacle to sales success and can make or break a business.  

If carried out properly, direct marketing has and always will be the most effective method of generating leads. However, employing an in-house team can be quite costly and if you choose to outsource, who can you trust to provide a service that meets your professional standards? 

We use our AI prospecting engine with state of the art machine learning algorithms to source relevant prospects. We then qualify them with a needs discovery call and set calendar appointments for your team as a seamless extension to your business, with the highest standards of professionalism in the industry.   

 2)  What are the Key Advantages and Benefits?

i. Advantages

➢ Staff trained to the highest industry standard of lead generation capabilities 

➢ CRM system provided and populated by us

 ➢ Very quick start-up time 

➢ Seamlessly adapted to your specifications 

➢ Fixed monthly rate  

ii. Benefits

➢ No payroll  

➢ No need for more office space or equipment 

➢ No HR needed  

➢ More selling time  

➢ Increased Conversion success 

Step 1 – We do a full assessment of your company and the products or services you provide and find out who your key prospects are.

Step 2 – Our digital outreach team will connect with potential prospects as if it was part of your business, through our extensive access to digital platforms and company databases.  

Step 3 – After connecting with potential prospects, we then send out a tailored message based on the products or services you offer with a view to setting up a call with one of our lead generation experts.

Step 4 – Once the prospect responds to the message and sets up the call, our lead generation expert will have a needs discovery call with the prospect, using proven methodologies to pre-qualify them and schedule a call for someone in your sales team through a calendar invite.

Note: We will setup a free Hubspot CRM and upload each prospect we schedule with you, so you can keep track of everything that comes through the campaign. 

➢ Bandwidth – 5 Mbps (1:1) optic fibre connectivity 

➢ Pentium 4 desktops – Microsoft Windows Platform  

➢ Panasonic Digital Phones  

➢ Call Recording & FTP Access 

➢ Power Backup Generator on Site 

➢ Data Protection  

Our packages include

➢ Starter

Campaign Design And Setup

5-10 Appointments (Approx)

Outreach (800 Leads)

A/B Testing (Limited)


➢ Business

Campaign Design And Setup

10-20 Appointments (Approx)
Email Outreach (1,200 Leads)
A/B Testing
LinkedIn Outreach Campaign
Retargeting Campaign
➢ Executive 
Campaign Design And Setup
20-30 Appointments (Approx)
Email Outreach (2,000 Leads)
A/B Testing (Extended)
LinkedIn Outreach Campaign
Retargeting Campaign


Google AdWord Management


Lead Generation


Residential & Event


Website & Graphic Design

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